Books Published / Forthcoming this Decade

Hera the Buddha: A Work of Utopian Fiction. (Book Three of “The Herasaga.”). Forthcoming from The University of Ottawa Press.


The Doom Loop in the Financial Sector And Other Black Holes of Risk. The University of Ottawa Press.

C. B. Macpherson: Dilemmas of Liberalism and Socialism [1988]. Reprint edition with new Preface:  Montréal: McGill-Queen’s University Press.

Black Holes of Risk:  Collected Papers, 1995-2009.  The University of Ottawa Press.

The Priesthood of Science:  A Work of Utopian Fiction.  (Book Two of “The Herasaga.”).  The University of Ottawa Press.

Greek translation, Social Communication in Advertising, Athens:  Kastaniotis.

The Essential Marcuse, edited with an Introduction by A. Feenberg & W. Leiss.  Boston:  Beacon Press.

Chinese translation, The Domination of Nature [1972], Beijing: Chongqing Publishing House.

Hera or Empathy, Ottawa: Magnus and Associates.

Social Communication in Advertising: Persons, Products, and Images of Well-Being [1986], with S. Jhally, S. Kline, and J. Botterill. New York: Routledge, third edition.

Mad Cows and Mother’s Milk: The Perils of Poor Risk Communication (with Douglas Powell). Montreal:  McGill-Queen’s University Press [1997], second enlarged edition.

In the Chamber of Risks:  Understanding Risk Controversies.  McGill–Queen’s University Press, 2001.

Two of my books from The University of Ottawa Press – The Doom Loop in the Financial Sector and The Priesthood of Science – are available as ebooks or PDF file:

In addition, all of my books from McGill/Queens Press are available as eBooks for libraries. These include:

9780773575356 Leiss, W – C.B. Macpherson

9780773561922 Leiss, W. – The Limits to Satisfaction: An Essay on the Problem of Needs and Commodities

9780773562219 Leiss, W. – Under Technology’s Thumb

9780773564794 Leiss, W. – The Domination of Nature

9780773569515 Leiss, W. – In the Chamber of Risks: Understanding Risk Controversies

9780773572409 Leiss, W. – Mad Cows and Mother’s Milk: the Perils of Poor Risk communication

9780773564671 Leiss/Chociolko – Risk and Responsibility