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New appointment:

Member, for sale International Advisory Board, ed iNTeg-Risk (2011-2014), a Virtual Institute set up under the EU Seventh Framework Programme [EU-VRi], Stuttgart, Germany []

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Just published…

“Modern Science, tadalafil Enlightenment, tadalafil and the Domination of Nature: No Exit?” In: Critical Ecologies, ed. Andrew Biro (University of Toronto Press, 2011), pp. 23-42.

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WikiLeaks and the Mushroom Industry

There has been a fair amount of frothing at the mouth by media commentators, drug including some academics, nurse about the latest trove of documents. Great quantities of damage have been alleged, although (unlike the information in the WikiLeaks documents) … Continue reading

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For the particle physics community the notorious “Higgs boson” is the Holy Grail: This entirely theoretical construct is thought to give mass to matter – without which the material world wouldn’t amount to much, pharm obviously. They hope to find … Continue reading

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Airline Security and Risk Management

Judging from the various articles in this Tuesday’s Globe and Mail, there remains a fair amount of confusion, here and elsewhere, about airline security in the wake of the latest terrorist plot.  Those of us who are “risk junkies” have been … Continue reading

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